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This is an Affiliate Product Like No Other!

iDecide is the Future of Interactive Prospecting and Sale Presentations!

Any Business That Relies on Direct Sales, MLM structures, Portfolio Presentations, B2B Consultations, B2C Sales Calls,  or Client Presentations can use iDecide.

Here’s What Makes iDecide Really Cool (and unique)!

WOW Prospects at the Start! Interactive Engagement that Draws Them in.

Prospects choose how they want to move through a presentation

  • Drag-n-drop platform allows you to fully customize and personalize your sales presentation. 
  • Viewer gets to interact with the presentation and choose the information they want to see.
  • They stay interested through the entire sales process.

Save Valuable Time – Streamline the Sales Process

Get Closer to the Close with iDecide!

  • Sales calls are a huge part of company’s growth strategies, but sometimes the “road to nowhere” sales calls can be time consuming.
  • Automate the first step: easily qualify potential clients before speaking with them.
  • iDecide send an alert when a prospect has watched the presentation – Giving business owners a change for quick follow-up!

Simplify The Design Phase.  One Presentation That Is Customized to Your Viewer.

Create one gorgeous sales presentation that offers tiered layers of answers and engagement that allows viewers to choose the information and the path that works for them. 

  • “Hi [clients name]”! Imagine the WOW factor when prospects see their name and other relevant customized information in their presentation.  The more they interact with the presentation the more unique their experience becomes.   
  • Create One presentation that can be used by an individual or for entire teams and fast-track the sales process and make sure that all sales pros are saying the same thing.
  • Our drag-n-drop builder offers makes it so easy to create and has several different layouts and templates to be on-point and on-brand for a company.

Get Insider Market Info – Real Time Data and Analytics

Track how viewers use and interact with sales presentation.

  • See what parts of a presentation are the strongest “selling” areas and which pieces of the experience potential customers drop off. 
  • Learn and tweak: refine and re-design a winning presentation that has a high rate of conversions!
  • Close Rates: Find out which closing actions are the most popular, and how many people are making buying decisions on the slides.

“iDecide removes all the guesswork! 90% close rate when setup correctly!”
– Peggy D.

Our Clients Love Their iDecide Presentations

“I’ve been in sales for over 30 years and iDecide is the most unique and impressive sales tool I have ever used. Delivered quick and measurable results for me and my team!”

Rick R.

My leaders have embraced this technology and have been enjoying an 80+% close rate!

Ted Wilson

“We work with only the best tools and we get the best results with iDecide! Fast and powerful duplication, even for our inexperienced members.”

Renze D.

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